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A network of more than 750 car washes in Poland offering high quality services, cashless transactions, competetive prices and a convenient mobile application enabling you to book appointments.


MultiWash to korzyści
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Full costs control
Identical, fixed prices of packages / services regardless of car wash location and the possibility of introduction of quantitative or quota limits in respect of services.
Greater savings
Regular car cleaning prevents greater expenses (e.g. upholstery washing) and does not generate additional costs, which results in savings amounting event up to a few thousand of PLN per car.
Cars monitoring and protection
Thorough vehicles monitoring by car wash employees enables elimination of the malpractices related to washing (vehicles registration numbers control) and ensures better company assets protection (noticed damages reporting).
Less damages
The possibility to take care of a company car results in more careful driving and decreases the number of minor damages.
Lower price of insurances
The cost of purchase of third party insurance and comprehensive cover is lower if users caused smaller number of damages and took better care of the vehicle every day.
Higher car price
If a car is systematically washed and tidied up by a user, its price during the future sales or remarketing may be even 15% higher.

There are three types of car washes in Poland

If you want to take care of your car, you can wash it in a car washes of one of 3 types: automatic, self-service (touchless) and manual. Read about the specificity of each type and see what are the benefits of washing and cleaning of vehicles by professionals in manual car washes.

Automatic car wash

Automatic car washes are usually located at petrol stations. They enable washing only the vehicle coachwork. A bad condition of the brushes mounted in a car wash may cause car paint damage and lower the value of a vehicle.

Self-service car wash

In a touchless car wash, we can wash the vehicle coachwork ourselves. Car waxing or tidying up the interior of a vehicle is not possible.

Professional hand car wash MultiWash

Car wash attendants professionally wash and clean a car. Hand-washing is more precise and gentle. That's the best way to keep your car in a perfect condition.

Advantages of
MultiWash application

MultiWash is the first system ensuring the outsourcing and optimalisation of the process of washing and tidying up of fleet cars in Poland.

Standard and certification

The car washes of MultiWash partner programme are subjected to certification and provide standardised, highest customer service level.

In MultiWash car washes, employees use only professional chemicals of renowned companies: Karcher, Sonax, Kenzi Detailer, Kenotek.

750 location in Poland

The car washes are situated in convenient locations – e.g. in malls or office blocks – so you can save time.

When the employees take care of the vehicle, the user of the car can work, conduct business meetings, eat a meal or shop.

Vehicles condition monitoring

Employees of a car wash may also, at a request of a Customer, monitor the condition of the company vehicles and inform about damages and repair them under Smart Repair programme.

As a result, the number of minor damages to the cars of the fleet significantly decreases, which influences the value of a vehicle and the amount of the future insurance policies contributions.

Manual car washes

Do you know that by using the service of professional washing of a vehicle in a manual car wash – such as one of those of MultiWash network – you protect environment?

In a manual car wash, in order to wash one vehicle, less water and electricity is used, which results in lower emission of CO2 to the atmosphere and smaller carbon footprint. Using professional car washes, you also prevent the chemicals used for the purposes of vehicle cleaning from polluting the environment.

Based on researches Faculty of Building Serivces, Hydro and Envirionmental Engineering at Warsaw University of Technology.
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