MultiWash Support

Below, we provide the answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you need support in connection with a different issue, call our infoline or send us an e-mail.

How to use MultiWash system?
  1. Geolocation enables to locate the closest available car wash.
  2. The largest network of car washes allows to book the service as early as today.
  3. The subscription-based service enable the complete carwash in a very low monthly fee.
  4. Users can make a call or text the car wash right from the app.
How to install MultiWash app on your smartphone?

MultiWash mobile application is available for Android, iPhone and latest Huawei devices. Just go to your app store – Google Play (Android devices), AppStore (iPhone) or Huawei App Gallery (latest Huawei devices), find MultiWash and click “Install”.

Where can I use MultiWash system?
  1. The MultiWash system operates across Poland.
  2. In order to check, where the closest car wash is located, check the map in the application or at
  3. Note: The MultiWash system operates only in the car washes visible at the map of MuliWash application and at
May trucks and pick up and delivery vans use the MultiWash system as well?
  1. User can check via MultiWash app the availability of the Van’s carwash services.
  2. In order to do that, they need to select the car wash with marked Van’s carwash option.
How can I join MultiWash system or log into that system?

If your company owns more than two vehicles and you want to use our services, send us an e-mail to

May I change my limit myself?

In order to change the limit, contact Fleet Manager or a person responsible for the vehicles fleet management in your company.

Is there a MultiWash infoline?

Yes – from 9:00 to 18:00 we are at your disposal. Call the number: +48 606 655 855.

To whom should I submit the complaint if a vehicle has not been properly washed?

If you would like to report comments or reservations regarding the quality of the service, inform about it directly the manager of the car wash you have used.

MultiWash washing programmes
  • P1 Manual washing (manual washing of coachwork, drying of vehicle body, cleaning of car glass from outside)
  • P2 Set (P1 programme + tidying up of the vehicle interior and boot completely)
  • P3 Manual washing + wax (P1 Programme + manually applied colourless wax)
  • P4 Set + wax (P1 + P2 Programme + manually applied colourless wax)
  • P5 Interior cleaning (P2 programme without vehicle cleaning)
  • P6 Interior laundering (P2 programme + laundering of headliner, seats, floor, rugs, door pads)
  • P7 Washer fluid
Convenient subscription for washing and cleaning vehicles in the largest hand car wash network in Poland
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