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MultiWash is the first in Poland convenient system of washing and cleaning the passenger cars and Van’s. Choosing MultiWash services, you provide the Employees and the Customers of your company with the access to the largest network of manual car washes located across Poland.


MultiWash for
your company and fleet

Thanks to intuitive and easy-to-use application, the Users of vehicles may choose the closest car wash, as well as book suitable service provision date. At the same time, they do not have to worry about a settlement – it is cashless and you get one summary invoice at the end of a month and therefore you save time and money you do not have to invest in fleet administration.

Well cared for and clean car? Only with MultiWash!
Washing and cleaning of vehicles across Poland
Convenient access thanks to the mobile application
7 standardised vehicles washing and cleaning programmes
Cashless settlements and summary invoice for the entire fleet
Booking visits at specific hours
Monitoring of the state of the fleet while the vehicles are washed

Car fleet
in a company

MultiWash for fleet means two convenient subscriptions and many benefits.

Leasing Company /

MultiWash will constitute a perfect supplement to the leasing and CFM offer for your customers.

Vehicles Dealer /

Check out Clean Car Policy Programme and outrun the competition.

Individual customer /
Micro company

Are you an individual customer / Do you manage a fleet of up to 15 vehicles? Sign up for one of our subscription plans in the biggest network of carwashes in Poland with prices starting at 69 PLN / month for washing and cleaning your car!

Car Wash

Check out MultiWash - the largest manual car washes network and gain many new business Customers!
Convenient subscription for washing and cleaning vehicles in the largest hand car wash network in Poland
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